Krico .22 B/A Rifle

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Krico is the brand name of the German firm of Krieqeskorte GmbH. The company has a history dating back to 1878. The founder Robert Kriegeskorte was born in 1853 in the town of Rönsahl. After his schooling he became a trainee salesman with the local gunpowder company of Cramer & Buchholz. At the end of his apprenticeship he became the company’s representative for southern Germany and he moved to Esslingen near Stuttgart. In 1878 he founded the company of Junghans & Kriegeskorte in Esslingen am Zollberg that was a wholesaler of gunpowder, dynamite, ammunition, and arms. He built a powder depot for his business but met with resistance from the local population and the local authorities who found the storage of gunpowder far too dangerous. Eventually Kriegeskorte moved his business to the place then known as Cannstatt that today forms part of Stuttgart. It is apparent from material from the archives that the business flourished. In 1999 Krico merged in Norway with the well-known Kongsberg Small Arms Company. Out of the reason that the market for repeating rifles became too small to become profitable the production of the Model 902 has been stopped in 2005. Since the year 2006 the Kriegeskorte GmbH is specializing in export, import and storage of hunting and sporting weapons.


Description: Krico in .22Magnum, very good condition.
Category: .Rifles
Make: Krico
Model: .22 WMR Rim fire
Certificate Required: Yes
Orientation: Right
Calibre: .22 Magnum
Mechanism: Bolt action


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