One of the most important aspects to consider if you are buying your first firearm is firearm safety. It is now compulsory to take the  firearms proficiency course for first time purchasers. At County Lifestyle we offer a proficiency course which complies with new regulations. 

The course is carried out by Pat Hayes, owner and with more than 35 years of experience, Country Lifestyle offers a  course on a one to one basis and is divided into sections listed below:

  • Gun safety: all the details about the care to be taken when using firearm.
  • Safe handling: protections and recommendations for use, along with all aspects of how to hold them to prevent injuries and  habits.
  • Where to shoot and where not: Legal guides on areas authorized for hunting and forbidden areas.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: general maintenance of all firearms to extend life and following.
  • Safe transportation: choose the most suitable covers for your firearm which offers the best protection while transporting you firearm.
  • Choose the correct gun: after the theoretical part of the course, choose the suitable firearm according to the characteristics that the client needs.
  • Personal treatment: finally, and one of the most important aspects that differentiate us are the personal courses and adapted to each client, to be able to help and advise to the needs of each client.

Come and discover everything you need to know about your firearm in Country Lifestyle!