It’s the number one bolt-action of all time, proudly made in the U.S.A. For over 50 years, more Model 700s have been sold than any other bolt-action rifle before or since.

The legendary strength of its 3-rings-of-steel receiver paired with a hammer-forged barrel, combine to yield the most popular bolt-action rifle in history.

If pursuing game, its out-of-the-box accuracy is unmatched.

The 6-24x50x44 Predator Varmint Riflescope from Simmons Optics delivers a versatile scope needed for accurately sighting all game. Since most hunting is done at dawn and dusk, this riflescope sports a large objective lens and fully multicoated optics to capture as much of the available light as possible and to minimize its loss due to reflection. Aiming with the general-purpose utilitarian TruPlex duplex crosshair reticle on the second focal plane enables you to see the larger outer posts in low-light, while the thinner hairs won’t obstruct small targets.