Lyalvale Express English Sporter 28 Grams

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The English Sporter is a highly consistent shot that delivers exceptional quality in a general, all round cartridge specifically engineered with the club shooter in mind. The lead shot is formulated to our specifications at a specialist manufacturing facility, ensuring as near as perfect sphere shape. The plastic wad ensures an efficient burn and protects the shot from deformation, opening at the muzzle to ensure tight, consistent shot patterns. Designed to combine quality and consistency with a keen, competitive price – the low recoil English Sporter is our best value clay cartridge.


Type Club

Weight 28

Case Head Height 10mm

Chamber Length 2 3/4in (70mm)

Speed 1350

Shot Size 7.5, 8, 9

Wad Plastic

Cartridge Clay

Case Colour Red

Gauge 12

Clay Shooting Discipline: Compak Sporting, Down The Line, Sport Trap, Sporting

Prices 1000/€220   500/€120   250/€60   25/€6.50


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