CZ 452-2E .22 LR Bundle Deal

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First introduced in 1954 as the BRNO Model 2 (ZKM 452), the Model 452 is a refinement of the CZ Model 1 (ZKM-451) .22 calibre rimfire bolt-action training rifle that first appeared in 1947. ZKM is an acronym for Zbrojovka-Koucký-Malorážka, the rifle’s manufacturer ([Česká] Zbrojovka), designer (Josef Koucký) and Malorážka – for rimfire rifle).[1][2] The Model 1 or ZKM-451 was developed on the request of the occupying German authority in 1943-44, when a very few rifles were built as fully stocked Mauser 98k type trainers. The receivers of these early .22 training rifles were marked tgf (Tschechische Gewehr Fabrik – German for Czech Rifle Factory) by the German Heereswaffenamt. Because of wartime requirements for combat weapons, assembly and production was halted on all .22 training rifles, leaving a large stockpile of parts and receivers at war’s end. After the war, these parts (some of which still have the tgf code) were used along with new barrels and stocks to make the Model 1.

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The CZ 452 features a carbon steel barrel that is threaded into the receiver frame, except for rifles chambered for .17 HMR which have the barrel pinned to the receiver. Rifles of recent manufacture feature hammer forged and lapped barrels. The receiver has a dovetail rail for mounting a telescopic sight. The dovetail is either 11 mm or 3/8″ depending on the version and cartridge. The trigger mechanism is adjustable for weight of pull.

This Bundle Includes One Bottle of Burn Gun oil A .22 Cleaning kit One .22 ammunition container and a Rifle Hard case


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